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Authentic Marseille soap prepared in a cauldron in the traditional way.
Its main properties are: Marseille soap is hypoallergenic and effectively kills bacteria.
Recommended by dermatologists, particularly for sensitive skin.


Handcrafted and authentic Marseille soap: what does this mean?

As the soap is authentic and handmade, don't be surprised by the following findings:

 The weight of the soap
Your 300 grams cube only weighs 270g! Don't panic. The weight of Marseille soap is taken from fresh soap and then fluctuates constantly during drying.
Marseille soap is subject to desiccation, it dries out. Therefore, as it dries, it loses weight. Over time, the water evaporates. Depending on the degree of drying, the soap can weigh from 5% to about 25% less than its fresh weight (220g for a 300g soap).
You don't lose anything, on the contrary! The more it dries, the better it is, and the more economical it is to use.

 The degree of drying
The soap is produced by the Le Sérail soap factory. Its degree of drying varies according to the date of production. The more recent the production date, the "wetter" the soap.

Do your soaps seem too soft for your taste? All you have to do is leave it to dry in the open air on receipt. The weather, and in particular the humidity level, also have a say in the manufacturing and drying process.

 White film
A white film is likely to appear on quality unrefined soaps depending on the moisture content. No, no, this is not mould.

It is the result of the manufacturing process, and in particular the washing of the soap paste in salt water. If it bothers you visually, just run the soap under water and rub it off. But don't be upset, it's a guarantee of quality. 

 The colour of Marseille soap
The colour of soap can vary. Indeed, depending on the colour of the oils used, which are darker or darker depending on the production process, the colour of the finished product fluctuates.

Moreover, as it dries, Marseille soap lightens or takes on a different hue. Olive Marseille soap becomes lighter, while coconut oil Marseille soap tends to become yellow-orange. These colours and their variations are natural and specific to artisanal and non-refined soaps. So don't be surprised!