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Traditional Aleppo Soap
Made in Syria according to the ancestral recipe, it is 4000 years old : the soap bars are sun dried made with cold-pressed olive oil and enriched with 40% bay laurel oil and dried in the sun.

Aleppo soap, is the ancestor of Marseille soap, enriched with 40% bay laurel oil this particular one is made in stone cauldrons by a master soap maker who, with a subtle mixture of water, natural soda, olive oil and bay laurel oil creates a soap full of widely appreciated benefits.
Olive oil nourishes the skin and dilates the pores to allow deep cleansing.
Bay laurel oil restores the protective hydro lipid film on the skin.
Its hyperemic and antiparasitic action gives Aleppo soap valued dermatological properties.
It is very beneficial when used on sensitive skin prone to pimples, redness as well as eczema, psoriasis, acne...
Its smoothness provides a wonderful sensation of well-being that lasts. Some people also use them in the closets,  to keep moth away from their favourite outfits...
If you rub the dry Aleppo soap on a mosquito bite, it also helps relieve the itchy feeling.